Burlesque Acts



Alice in Wonderland


Description: A quirky burlesque act that is a tribute to all things ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  The act depicts a lost and bewildered Alice who finds herself in a strange and unfamiliar place.  After a series of bizarre events she arrives in Wonderland – a place that makes her feel so good, she throws all caution and inhibition to the wind!

Music: Into the Garden (by Danny Elfman – Soundtrack from the Motion Picture – Alice in Wonderland) followed by Feeling Good (by Michael Buble)

Length: 6mins 30secs

Video Link: Pending


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Fire and Ice


Description: A dark, sensuous burlesque act depicting an evil and all –powerful Narnia style ice queen who overpowers fire.  This is a floor based burlesque act that incorporates a fusion of striptease, fire eating and fire spinning with special effects, and body burning.

Music: Adrift in Hilbert Space (by OTT)

Length: 7 mins

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Mission Strippossible


Description:  During the middle of a routine showgirl act, Scarlet Butterfly spies a pole!  The pole proves to be an irresistible temptation for her, and she decides to investigate on a 'mission stripposible'! A lighthearted, cheeky and flamboyant act incorporating exquisite costuming and aerial striptease.

Technical Information: This act uses floor-based free-standing equipment and does not require aerial rigging

Music: Pink Panther Theme Tune (by Henry Manchini and his Orchestra) followed by the James Bond theme tune (by the Ian Rich Orchestra) 

Length: 5mins 30secs

Video Link: Pending

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