"Scarlet Butterfly's style shows a perfect combination of beautiful and poetic performance yet you can feel the strength and the power behind the delicate acts she performs.  She is the living proof that you can be both ultra feminine and powerful at the same time.  Moreover she is one of the most reliable and professional artists that I have ever worked with as promoter of the Wunderkabarett"

Daisy Deparys, Wunderkabarett, Paris


* * *

"Scarlet Butterfly's dedication , passion and professionalism is outstanding! She gives every performance her all , and wows the crowds time and time again. Her costumes are breath-taking and her skill on the pole is amazing.  She creates dramatic, powerful performances that grab the audiences attention from the moment she steps on stage. Her acts are worthy of grand stages across the country”

Absinthe and Lace Champagne Supper Club, Buxton 

* * *

* * *

"Showstopping! Just the most beautiful and talented   performer, and a dream to work with!” 

April Lindsay, Platinum and Pink Cabaret


                         * * *

"Scarlet is such an elegant performer with incredible costumes and pole skills to match. Always visually stunning, this ethereal performer is a complimentary addition to any show!"

Bella Donna Deadly Nightshade, Secrets of the Boudoir burlesque

“Scarlet always brings an extra touch of class to our events. Her creativity, agility, and performance is second to none. She delights our audiences every time and we will certainly be booking her again”

Karen Kay, ThreeWishes Faery Fest

        * * *

"Scarlet’s mixture of enchanted and fairytale inspired performances are a joy to watch and loved by the audience.  A highly professional performer"

Tobi James, Miss Tobi James Presents....


* * *

"Scarlet Butterfly is a shining example of modern day burlesque. Her incorporation of beautiful pole work into her routines is simply awe-inspiring and this is set off even more by her stunning costumes. She is a joy to work with both on and off stage and The Looking Glass Burlesque would welcome her back anytime”

Suzie Sequin, The Looking Glass Burlesque

* * *

"Scarlet’s performances are elegant, skilful, and very entertaining. She shows amazing skills and strength on the pole and manages to combine burlesque and pole effortlessly.  She has a flare all of her own, combining different styles to create a unique look.  She performs with stunning, whimsical costumes that captivate her audience and whisk them away to a fairy tale land of enchantment.  Both on and off stage she conducts herself in an extremely professional manner and she is an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Raven Noir, Burlesque Noir

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