Walkabout Acts

Alice in Wonderland


Description: If an Alice in Wonderland is needed for your festival, party or other event, this charming, quirky and possibly a little confused Alice will entertain your guests as she wanders about in search of the white rabbit....

* * *

Absinthe Faery


Description: This playful, mischevious green faery with her absinthe addled brain will flit from guest to guest doing her best to bend their minds with her mesmerising absinthe green eyes.  She's a little bit dark, a little bit freaky, but a lot of fun!


* * *



Steampunk Pirate


Description: If a swashbuckling pirate is what you need for your event, look no further than this kick ass steampunk pirate who will entertain your guests with her amazing fire eating, body burning and fire spinning skills!

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